I was at work last night and we were talking about how fast time goes by. What is it that catches us every once in a while and makes us stop and think about this? The past few months so many things have happened in my life. A lot of changes. Some my choice and some not. Some that effect my day to day life and some that make me stop and reflect on what is important.

Maybe it's because I don't want my kids to get any older. It's hard enough that I no longer have babies, toddlers or preschoolers around. But then I look at my kids and love the ages they are now.

Maybe it's loosing an uncle and realizing once again how quickly life can change and what a miracle the plan of salvation is.

Maybe its starting a new job and worrying about leaving my family. Will my kids be ok? Will they remember my working or will they remember me being home with them?

Maybe it is becoming a nurse and realizing that time goes by no matter what you do. The five years it took me would have gone by either way.

Maybe it is having a birthday and turning "thirty-something". I remember my parents at this age.

Maybe it is the anticipation of becoming an aunt, again!!

I just want to look back at my life no matter how long or short and think wow that was great. What makes you think........Time, where does it go?