Oh the things Owen does...

Owen has done some pretty cute things lately. I have told some of you about them but I wanted to write them down.

Owen comes out of his classroom with a bag of candy

Ken: Were did you ge theat candy?
Owen: For my birthday from my teacher.
Ken: It's not your birthday though.
Owen: I know.

I get home from school later that afternoon. Sydni came up to me saying Owen wouldn't share his candy with her.

Mandy: Owen where did you get candy?
Owen: From my teacher.
Mandy: Why is your teacher giving you candy?
Owen : For my birthday.
Mandy: Owen it's not your birthday.
Owen: I know.
Mandy: Didn't you tell her it wasn't your birthday?
Owen: No.

So I thought about this for a while and then went to his backpack to see what was in there. My instinct was right. There in his folder was a packet of birthday cards from all of his classmates. I took these over to Owen and asked, "what are these?"

Owen: Birthday cards from my class. They gave me cards and sang "Happy Birthday" to me.
Mandy: Owen it is NOT your birthday. When is your birthday?
Owen: October 23rd.
Mandy: Today is October 2nd

He just smiled and looked up at me.

When we went in to talk to his teacher the next day he told her it wasn't his birthday yesterday. She looked at me and said, "He told us it was his birthday and I just believed him. I did think to check."

I don't thing he was truly trying to tell a lie. I like to think he was so excited for it to finally be October he just figured it was time for HIS birthday.

Parker and Owen had a sleepover a few weeks ago and when they got up in the morning they wanted pancakes. So I was making them breakfast and as I listened to their conversation. It went a little like this:

Owen: Parker what is you favorite Number?
Parker: I don't know. What is yours?
Owen: 3000
Parker: Oh...well mine is 136. Is that bigger than 3000?
Owen: No
Parker: Well what number is bigger than 3000?
Owen: I think that is the biggest number
Parker: Well that is my favorite number too.