Owen's 4th grade year

First day of 4th grade
Ms Lily
Ensign Elementary
Owen loves scouts. He has accomplished quite a bit throughout the year. Ken is the Webelos leader so they have been working together. They built these tool boxes, key holders, broom holder, terrariums and have been able to go on many adventures with the troop.

Owen found a new love this year. BASEBALL! It is all he wants to do. It started in the fall. He was brand new to the sport and very unsure of himself and the game in general. I remember his first hit was more like a golf swing. He barely ticked the ball not more that a foot or two in front on him. The coach just yelled RUN, RUN and that's what he did. He played a lot of outfield in the fall. At practice he told the coach he wanted to pitch. When he told me this I didn't think there was anyway he would pitch being brand new to the team. But sure enough he pitched one inning and did a pretty good job!
Fast forward to spring ball. A totally different kid. He was in love! He has come a long way from that initial golf swing. The Rattlers went undefeated until the last game! Go Snakes!
Owen's a very patient older brother. He lets Jack "play" Legos with him. He is also is teaching him to wrestle.

Owen and I had the opportunity to work on a science fair project this year. He choose to find out which gum keeps its flavor the longest. He had fun getting volunteers to help chew gum and keep track of flavor times.

I try to call home to say good night when I work night shifts. I get to talk the kiddos and find how the evening went. One of my favorite times of day is tucking them in at night so this is my way of tucking them in from work. When it's Owens turn to talk he doesn't have much to say. usually because he is distracted with the show he is watching, but he closes the conversation with "kisses in your heart!" I love this kid!