Lydia Esther
She is so beautiful. She has her own little look about her. A mix of her brothers and sister. I was lucky enough to be there when she entered the world. Each of Kirstie's kids births fit them. Henry took a long time getting here. He had to think about it and decide when the time was right. He really made his mom work. Then there was Lucy. Spunky and silly yet a worrier. She wasn't going to wait for anyone. I can just imagine her inside Kirstie worrying about how she was going to get herself out there. She knew she was going to have to do it somehow so she just closed her eyes and went for it! Then there was Frank. He just kind of took his time. Didn't take as long as Henry, yet he was not in for all the work Lucy went through. He was just swimming around enjoying himself in all the fluid he has produced. The doctor said he dad never seen so much! It splashed. Maybe this gave Kirstie some padding from all his punches, "do this lady know how to punch?"
If all this is true, little Lydia is in for quite a life. She came into the world a lot like her big sister. Kirstie is just made to have babies. I have not seen or heard of too many babies come out without pushing. Lydia came out not breathing. She took a while to even give us a little grunt. When she did make a cry it was just a little cry to let us know she was trying but just couldn't breath on her own. The nurse took her away from her mom before she could even see her. No one could go with her. She was all on her own with swarms of strange voices, sounds, bright lights and tubes all around her. She still wasn't breathing on her own so they called for back up. We weren't sure of she was going to be life-flighted or go by ground but she was going to NICU. The calls were being made for an open bed at any NICU in the valley. Primary Childrens had a bed and would take her. The transport team arrived at the hospital and they were going put her on a ventilator so she could make the trip. Well as little Lydia heard all this she decided this wasn't what she wanted. So she started breathing on her own. She faked everyone out. No transport. No breathing machines. No hospital stay. She was fine. So I'm not sure what all this means, but I think she might be a pretty amazing little girl!
I love you sweetie!

papa goes to school

Syd's class is studying South America so papa went to tell about Argentina!
Sydni wan in heaven helping pass out the papers papa brought for the kids. They got to do a word search, a map and a fill in the blank. They had a chance to try on a "poncho" he brought back. The kids loved the money he brought for them to look at. They couldn't believe how much he had. They were a little confused when they found out they couldn't buy much with it. Papa gave everyone a coin to take home.

Valley of Fire

Cory and Melanie and their family went to Valley of Fire with us. It was wonderful to get away from the snow and feel the SUN! We had such a great time.

Here are the kidos. I love the color in the pictures.

Cory took us on a couple of hikes. He told the kids if they didn't whine the whole hike he would give them a dollar. Ya know, it worked. Owen and Dani were in front the whole time. We had to tell them a few times to slow down.

The camp sites were great. There was plenty of room for tents and the tables were covered so you can get out of the sun. (but who would want to do that?)

This was the entertainment for the trip. The boys found a cup and they collected rocks to throw at it. The one who knocked it down won.

Guess who.....

Guess who came over for a visit?