Monthly update...

Here is a little update since it's been a month...

We had a crazy birthday party. Thanks to everyone that came and celebrated with us.

We invited this poor little child in for the party...(hee hee)

When Owen found out that I had to do a clinical rotation on his birthday his little eyes filled with tears. So I got up and made him his favorite breakfast.....Cinnamon toast with sprinkles and a glass of pink milk

The kids started gymnastics. This is Sydni in the black. She tried both a tumbling class and an all round class. She settled on the all round which is more fun to watch. (Yes I said the kids which includes Owen, however it has taken a little time and tears to get him out there so I will try to get some pictures now that he likes it a little more)

The kids had crazy hair day at school.

Ken and I had the opportunity to take his mom and aunt Mabel to the choir broadcast. It was amazing. There were two guests performing with the choir. President Monson was there to thank them for singing with the choir.

....and who could forget little Lucy had a birthday too!!