First day of School

So this post is a little late but I wanted to post it anyway. Sydni started school on Aug 4th. This is her all ready to head off to 3rd grade. She's in Mrs. Bergen's class. So far she making it through. The first week was hard because she was the only one in school since Owen didn't start until the following Monday.
Owen wanted to get in on the pictures even though he wasn't ready for the day. (I think he was just glad it wasn't him going to school!)
So now there should be a picture of Owen on his first day right?..... Well it was sad around our house on Owen's first day and I didn't get the pictures. I was lucky to get him to school and get him to stay. There were tears (No, not me they were all Owen tears) and many promises that had to be made, including a promise to not leave the house while he was at school, in order to get him to stay. When I went to pick him up he was all smiles. So I guess it was a good day. He did say it was a looooong day but he had a good time.


Jenifer said...

Sydni looks adorable! I'm still having a hard time getting Sammy to get to school. It's hard when they miss their mommy!

The Christensen's said...

So sad for Owie...I can't imagine one of my kids not wanting to go anywhere...My kids love to go anywhere with anyone. But I am glad he did end up having a great day...Syd looks adorable as usual...Is this her first year at a new school? If so I can def see how that would be tough. She is so cute...I hope she loves it!

Beth said...

Cute picture of Syd and Owen. Hope that school gets easier for Owen.