Happy 32nd!

I just wanted to tell Kirstie Happy Birthday!

We had a fun party for her that Jeff gave. He BBQ'd chicken that was delicious and everyone brought something to share! All the kids ran around having a great time. There arn't many of Kirstie's Birthdays that I can remember where there was school the next day. So we did have to cut the party short (but i don't think Kirstie minded at all...........hee hee)

..............anyway Happy Birthday to the best sister!


stock information said...

i think you add more info about it.

The Christensen's said...

she is a great sister...to bad I totally forgot her Birthday until I read this post...I better call her right now. Good thing I gave her her present already!

Jenifer said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Kristy said...

Happy b-day, Kirst. Can't believe you are 32!