Happy Birthday Syd!

Sydni loved to dress up from very early. Her great grandma made her this beautiful princess dress for her third birthday. She wore it out. I'm sad because it no longer looks like this but I know how much it was loved!

From the time around 3 years old until she was about 5 Syd would only wear a dress. The dress she's wearing in the picture is the dress I wore after my baptism. She loved it! My mom gave it to me and Syd found it. Isn't it funny the things kids play with.

Syd and Gabby had many fun days dressing up! Oh I miss these days.

Happy Birthday Sydni!

I know everyone says time goes too fast but with kids I think this is especially true. Syd was born on a hot summer day. It was a very long day. She made her grand entrance around 11:30 p.m. on June 20, 2000. What a lucky girl to have her birthday on the longest day of the year. Syd was a fun baby. She could throw a fit like no other baby I've ever seen. One memory Ken often shares of Sydni has to do with a long car ride home from Bear Lake where she screamed the entire time. Sydni hated the car. Looking back maybe we're lucky she got it all out at such a young age. She is pretty even tempered now.

Syd loves to laugh. She has a great laugh when she gets going. She loves to be silly. When she was 18 months old she would hold her breath, clench her fists and her teeth until she was bright red and shaking. She soon learned that people thought this was pretty funny so she would show off her trick just to make people laugh.

Happy Birthday Syd. I love you and hope you have many more great birthdays!


Phil or Alesha said...

Cute! i love the picture recap! What a cute girl!

Shannon said...

Great post for Syds birthday. We are all so lucky that we get to spend time together. The party at Jeff and Kirsts was great. It is always fun to have our families together.

j&k lovell said...

She was and still is so flippin cute. You are a good mom to get your post out. Its almost a month since Frankie's bday and I havent done anything.

Pioquinto Family said...

Happy Birthday Syd! This little baby girl sure is growing into a very beatiful young lady!

The Christensen's said...

Love the new background and love the tribute to Syd. She is so sweet Mandy, and I love the cute girl she is...she is adorable and I know I always say it but I love her glasses. She is just so fun...I am glad to know her.