Fish Lake

On our way home from the reunion we decided to pick a place on the map and stay there for a night. We headed north and ended up at fish lake. Ken had been there as a scout but I had never been there before. It was perfect. We were able to pull right in and get a really nice spot. After getting set up we went for a walk down to the water.

The kids and Ken got in I just watched and took some pictures.

Then it was time for dinner. Syd had wanted stroganoff since her birthday so I packed the stuff to make it for her. After dinner we broke out the marshmallows and somehow the polish sausages made their way out also. I wonder who brought those???? These two pictures are my favorite.

The one of Owen depicts how little boys camp. He is sooooo dirty. He knelt in the dirt and roasted this hot dog with the help of Ken. I can't even imagine how his feet must feel in those sandals. He was just so proud of himself.

The picture of Syd is a reminder why we bought the trailer. Ken has wanted one for a while. (A long while) I've just been giving his excuses why we shouldn't. He told me at the beginning of the summer he needed a hobby. Something he could enjoy. Well he gave me his two options he was thinking of, 1. a motorcycle or 2. a trailer. Can I just say how happy I am we ended up with #2. I asked him after we got the trailer if he was sad about the motorcycle and he said he was glad we got this because he could spend time with us!

This little weekend we did just that. There was no cell phone service, no TV, just us.


Kristy said...

I hope you have as much fun in your trailer as we did in ours - I'm sure you will.

Willardsen Family said...

Owen's dirty pants are my favorite. Only little kids can be that dirdy and proud at the same time. Wouldn't we as adults be happier if we could learn that from them!

The Christensen's said...

That looks so fun...I totally would have picked the trailer. Bry and I niether one are big campers but we live right on the way out to the desert...where everyone camps here. and I feel sad that we are not a part of it all...I did buy Bryan a tent last year for his birthday, and to tell you the truth we have not used it and I seriously do not know where it is. I think a trailer sounds heavenly and I think that might be a good plan for us in 30 years when our house is paid off...te he just teasing.

I need to see more pics of the house!