What have I got myself into?

SO I have just spent the past two days at registration for Syd and Owen's school, 11:30-6:30. Another lady and myself are PTA co-presidents, vice president, secretary, treasurer and whatever else there is on the PTA board. I knew I was crazy when I took this on.

Oh was I right!

After 14 hours in the school gym I have 7 people signed up for PTA (all spanish speaking except one, she's the principal) and we sold 12 out of 300 school shirts.

I just needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for reading.


Jenifer said...

You are a great woman. Just think of all the Heaven points you are earning! Sleep well tonight. It will get better. (Hope you know Spanish)

Super Kate said...

oye, mandy that blows. The people will come Mandy...people will come.

Kristy said...

I hope it's that people arn't in the school mode yet. I'll bet things pick up the closer to school it gets.

Beth said...

Oh boy - Hey at least your kids could wear a school shirt everyday and you would not have to do laundry! :)

K Lovell said...

We can do this together. Only 10 months and then we both have served our time.