Here's a look into our July....

An afternoon in grandma's backyard

Brett took the boys under the house for a tour! None of the girls were brave enough to go with them.

Ok, I love the 24th of July parade. I loved being in it in high school. It was so fun to see all the people who had come to see the parade and to go by my family and hear them cheer! I took Sydni to it when she was 2 but hadn't been back since. So this year I really wanted to go. Well, Dad called and asked what we were doing so I invited him to go with us. Caryn called and decided to go with us too. I'm so glad she did because the kids had a lot of fun together.

The picture just above is President Monson and his wife

Sydni got out her bonnet and we had to iron it. She decided that it was hot though. I think it looked pretty cute while she had it on.


Phil or Alesha said...

That looks like fun! I too love July! And I love Syd in here bonnet, could that be any cuter?

Jenifer said...

Fun! Love the bonnet. Sam wants a pioneer dress. What is going on?