Family Home Evening

Monday night for FHE we practiced the kids parts for the primary program. Each of the kids has to sing part of a song with a group of other kids. So I was having them sing along with the songs and I noticed that Owen's changed the words to "I Love to see the Temple". You know the first vs that goes, "For the Temple is a house of God" Owen sings "For the Temple is a house of FUN".

Anyone up for some fun?


The Christensen's said...

That is so cute! I remember singing put your shoulder to the wheel push along........we all have work but no one should! Ha ha. That is so clever that he figured that out himself.

aaron williams said...

hey mandy.

the pic of owen with sud on her first day of school is my fav of all-time of him. i just started mine own blog. not much there yet, still learning the ropes. give it a once over.

Nick and Jessi said...

There are definitely worse things he could be singing... and it is fun (it an eternal sort of way).