Labor Day Bowl

So we decided to take the kids bowling for labor day. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. We started out heading for a movie but the one PG movie was sold, so we went to Fat Cats to go bowling. Well it was an hour and a half wait and we didn't want to spend an hour and a half worth of quarters in the arcade to wait so we found this little dive of a bowing ally and surprise.....no waiting! It was Owens first time and Syd hasn't been for a while so we all had a great time.


The Christensen's said...

How fun...I think the last time I went bowling was when Whitters was really little and I was prego with Claire. (someone invited Whitley to a b-day party) She totally didn't get what she was supposed to do and ran down the lane and slipped so of course I ran after her and slipped so hard on my butt. not good! I vowed I would not go again until my kids were old enough to do it themselfs.