Here goes.....

It's been about nine months since I was first asked the question, "Do you blog?" To which I answered "What's that?" So here I am done with finals (yahoo!) and ready to set up my blog. I have to say I love to look at other blogs and don't know if I will be able to keep up with some of them. Here's what we are up to around here.......

Ken's busy as always at this time of year. He has one guy who is working with him so far this year. He has been trying to build a new trailer for himself but its hard to find time. He also is trying to polish up on his jump rope skills with the kids. He bought a set of jump ropes at the store and has been teaching the kids. Syd was already pretty good but Owen has learned to jump in and out. I do have pictures of Ken jump roping but I was threatened not to post them.

I just finished my third semester of nursing school. I have one more left and will be done in December. It's been a long time coming (5 years!) but will be worth it when I am done. I hope to get a lot of work done on the house this summer and maybe move out of the cave we are living in. We are supposed to get carpet on the 16th. They said they could come today and install it but we had to push it off a few weeks. I wish we were ready!!

I was released from my favorite calling in the world (primary chorister) and put into the Young Womens about a month ago. It had been a change. I relate a lot better to little kids than I do to teenagers. I am out of my comfort zone and can't just say, "let's stand up and sing a wiggle song" even thought I know I need one.

Syd and Owen are growing up too fast. They are into playing chess and webkinz. They are also taking swim lessons. Sydni is learning to dive (remember learning to dive?) and Owen is working on his backstroke.

I will end here and try to post often!


j&k lovell said...

yeah!!!! you did it. i love your background its cute. i am so glad you are on the bloggin band wagon.