This is why I love Mother's Day

I love the cards that come home from school. Don't they just make it worth it? I love the "gifts" that come inside them too. This year I was blessed with Owen's "Do the dishes" gift certificate, and Sydni's card that said she would feed the dog, give me a massage and bring me a cookie and a magazine. Not too bad! Sydni also gave me my own paper weight painted up like a little ladybug. (If you look at earlier posts you may be thinking this girl needs a bolder for a paper weight....I know) The thing I love about Mother's day is that I get to look at my family and just think about how blessed I am. I know it is cheesy, but I really am lucky to have an amazing husband, who no matter how big of a mess we get ourselves into we still can work through it and look back and laugh, and two beautiful healthy kid-o's! I am also lucky to have an amazing Mom. There are many times through the week when I think back to when I was kid and try to remember how my mom handled things. She did a great job raising us. It was so fun to have my mom involved in our school. I remember her spending many hours there. I hope Sydni and Owen will have some of the same memories. I am also the luckiest sister in the world to have Kirstie as my sister. I miss her a lot (I know we only live twenty minutes from each other!!!). She is fun aunt to my kids. We didn't get along very well through some of the early years but you'd never know it now. I am also so grateful to have Caryn next door. There would be some long days for my kids if they didn't have playmates next door. She's so willing to help on all my projects even if she has one of her own going.

These are some of the women who have made me the person I am today. I love them. It was so fun to get together for Mother's Day. (Beth, McKenzie and Katie where are you?)...and we missed you Jen, Kari and Andrea.


Jenifer said...

I love getting the gifts from school, they are always my favorite! Mandy, your hair looks so cute! It has probably been a couple of years since we have all been together. What a shame. Glad you had a good day! Wish I could have been there.

j&k lovell said...

Thanks Mandy. I am lucky to have you. Wish you still lived down the street. Eventhough it has been two years since you left, I still have a hard time going by your house. I miss the days we spent together doing projects at each others houses and then having dinner with five dirty kids who had played so hard they were exhusted. Thanks for all the fun memories.

Karen and Guy Standing said...

Thank you so much Mandy for the kind words. I have such wonderful memories of being a mother of young kids. All of you were great kids and so fun to raise. You are an amazing lady. I'm blessed.