Swim lessons

I do try to do things besides work on the house. Mostly for my kids sake. They are pretty patient with me when it comes to projects around the house so I try to do something that's just for them every once in a while! Right now we're doing swim lessons. We haven't taken them for a while because of my school so I decided to have the kids try them again. Syd does great. She's the only girl in the older class with 4 other boys. (It's a little rowdy) She keeps telling me she needs prescrition goggles because she can't see when she's swimming. (This make me think of the movie Notting Hill.) I don't know if I want to make the investment now because her eyes have changed every year so far and not for the better. Has anyone invested in presciption goggles before?
Owen is hanging in there. He is working on not being so nervous in the pool. He's not nervouse about being in the water but that I am going to leave him. (which I've never done and can't figure out why this is.)


The Christensen's said...

I love your blog...looks like you have a big job with your house, but it looks way cool and it is going to have so much fun personality.
I know what you mean about doing fun things with your kids. I feel like I don't do that nearly enough. it is hard when you have so many things you want to do for you to take time for them. Thanks for the eye opener.

j&k lovell said...

So did you notice Alesha was a link on the Bennetts blog? Crazy hu? How did you find them?